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Published on: 11 October 2019


So you’ve been brave enough to sign up to this year’s Zombie Run. You fancy your chances against our life stealing Zombies and our daunting obstacle course. This year we have adults, teens and kids all on the same day.


Adults – 11AM onwards (100 people every 10 mins) – time slot on booking confirmation email.

Kids – 1PM

Teens – 2PM


Please park in the car park across the road and make your way through the subway tunnel into the Jungle farmyard. DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD.


Trail running or running shoes

Trail Running shoes are ideal for this type of event, where you’ll face different landscapes, as well as water and heaps of fresh mud. They’re built with stability and comfort in mind when dealing with hills, rivers, ravines and other tricky terrains. They will let your feet breathe and stay cool and will usually be quicker to dry and let out water more efficiently than normal shoes or trainers. They will also have superior traction and grip than most other trainers and will cushion the uneven ground better than other footwear.

However, if you don’t have a pair and don’t want to neglect your beloved and trusty running trainers, then dust off the old favourites and bust them out on the course. Running shoes will also keep your feet well ventilated, allow water to drain out quickly and can usually handle most terrains.

We’re not gonna lie… your trainers will take a battering. We wouldn’t recommend bringing any footwear that you are attached too. They will get covered in mud and will not finish the course in the same condition they started.

Finally, we recommend tying the laces firmly. They will have to resist the pulling force of thick mud in some areas and will need to be tightly secured, although not too tight that they’re uncomfortable….obviously.

Sports Clothing

The right clothing will make the whole experience that little bit easier. We recommend substance over style on this occasion. While we don’t necessarily favour any particular clothing choices, we would mention the following:

  • Tighter fitted clothing – loose clothing will weigh you down and hold more mud and water and will generally be a bit more annoying when cold and wet.
  • Fast drying active wear – now is the time to break out your Clima Cools and Dri Fits. Tops and bottoms with quick drying technology will be beneficial in that it will provide greater ventilation and also will dry quicker, so you won’t be weighed down.
  • Clothing which let’s you move – your complete range of motion will be tested on the course, so we recommend wearing active wear clothing which will let you be as flexible as you need to be.
  • Socks – the optimal choice would be socks designed with some sort of quick-drying technology. If you don’t have these, then most sports socks will do the trick. Your feet will be pretty important during the course, so we recommend taking good care of them and showing them some love!
  • Gloves – not a necessity, however could give you that extra bit of support or grip on some of the tougher obstacles. Again, hard wearing and breathable gloves like cycling or weight lifting gloves may be the best option.


  • Sports watches and timers – if you want to accurately record your time we recommend a durable sports watch or device like a FitBit or other exercise monitoring device. Make sure they’re waterproof and can take a bit of wear and tear.
  • Headbands – good for keeping the sweat, mud and tears out of your eyes. For return runners, we hope to see the Zombie Run headbands from last year on show!
  • Goggles – again not necessary although could help in the water obstacles and Slip N Slide.

Fancy dress welcome!


There will be a BAG DROP area in the farmyard. After registering you can drop your bags off and we’ll look after them until after the race. It’s £2 per bag.


Once the Zombie Run has been conquered, the post-race endorphins and adrenaline buzz will only keep you warm for so long. We recommend bringing the following:

  • Warm jacket or coat – an old and warm jacket, fleece or coat that you don’t mind getting dirty and you can pull on straight after the race is useful to help bring your body temperature back up. Zombie Run is held in October in the unpredictable Northern Ireland climate… be prepared.
  • Towel – there are no showers available at Zombie Run. Therefore we recommend bringing an old towel to dry yourself off after the race.
  • Change of clothes – self-explanatory really. No one wants to travel home in wet clothes.
  • Extra cash – we will have T-shirts available to buy on the day. You will also need a couple of £1 coins for the bag drop area, should you wish for us to look after your belongings while you’re on the course.


Parents who are coming to run alongside their kids, go free of charge, however they will not be provided with food after the race. They may be able to purchase food after the kids get theirs. 


Haven’t booked yet? There’s still time. Book online:

Zombie Run