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Mini Rampage

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A satisfying taste of the real thing

As many of you will know we host our 5K and 10K Rampage Weekender event annually at the end of April. This mammoth event attracts a range of competitors, from the untried novices to the experienced pros. The course itself contains over 50 gut busting obstacles, both natural and man-made, with the Giant Water Slide, the mighty Slieve Gallion and the exhilarating Slip N Slide being among the fan favourites. Add a healthy dose of invigorating mud and you have yourself a formidable challenge. Check out the following link for more information on our Rampage Weekender event:

As this is hosted only once a year, it means anyone who is unavailable on the selected date will miss out. To offer a solution to this quandary, we offer a Mini Rampage option throughout the year to private groups and clubs who would like to take on the mighty Rampage obstacle course and challenge themselves to a 5K run with a difference. The 5K course will include a selection of the infamous Rampage obstacles such as Insane-A-Frame, Up N Overs, Monkey Madness, Placid Ponds, the Giant Water Slide and many more.

Who can partake in the Mini Rampage

Our Mini Rampage option is available to anyone over 16. It is suitable for groups of friends, sports clubs, corporate groups, hen and stag dos and any other group of more than 10 people who would like to put themselves to the test.

What’s involved?

Our in house personal trainer will begin the session with a quick warm up to get those muscles loosened up. Then the group will head off on the 5K course and tackle a range of obstacles on the way round. The personal trainer will guide the group round the course and will provide advice, tips and the proper techniques to efficiently and safely complete the obstacles.

What should I bring?

Trail running or running shoes

Obviously Trail Running Shoes are the ultimate choice, as they are designed for this type of event, where you’ll face different landscapes, as well as water and heaps of fresh mud. They’re built with stability and comfort in mind when dealing with hills, rivers, ravines and other tricky terrains. They will let your feet breathe and stay cool and will usually be quicker to dry and let out water more efficiently than normal shoes or trainers. They will also have superior traction and grip than most other trainers and will cushion the uneven ground better than other footwear.

However, if you don’t have a pair and don’t want to neglect your beloved and trusty running trainers, then dust off the old favourites and bust them out on the course. Running shoes will also keep your feet well ventilated, allow water to drain out quickly and can usually handle most terrains.

Sports Clothing

The right clothing will make the whole experience that little bit easier. We recommend substance over style on this occasion. While we don’t necessarily favour any particular clothing choices, we would mention the following:

  • Tighter fitted clothing – loose clothing will weigh you down and hold more mud and water and will generally be a bit more annoying when cold and wet.
  • Fast drying active wear – now is the time to break out your Clima Cools and Dri Fits. Tops and bottoms with quick drying technology will be beneficial in that it will provide greater ventilation and also will dry quicker, so you won’t be weighed down.
  • Clothing which let’s you move – your complete range of motion will be tested on the course, so we recommend wearing active wear clothing which will let you be as flexible as you need to be.
  • Socks – the optimal choice would be socks designed with some sort of quick-drying technology. If you don’t have these, then most sports socks will do the trick. Your feet will be pretty important during the course, so we recommend taking good care of them and showing them some love!

You should also bring a towel and change of clothing. We have an onsite shower block which you can use afterwards. The showers require 50p pieces to operate.

How do I book?

Simply give us a call on 02886748881 to book in for the Mini Rampage. It is £45 per person and we require a minimum of 10 people.

(This must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance)


Mini Rampage Prices

£45 per person

5K obstacle run - minimum group of 10 people

All activities must be booked in advance before arrival. Please book as far in advance as possible, at the latest before 4pm for the following day.

£45 per person



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