Christmas, Hallowe'en, Easter, all summer long. We provide a range of fun and famous events across the year for families and thrill-seekers alike.

Why not spend the night in one of our glamping pods and make a weekend out of it, while enjoying a campfire, a BBQ or even a dip in the tub?


Sleep with the stars and wake with the sun.

For the nature lovers among us.


It's Not Quite "Extreme" Camping

Okay, if truth be told, in winter time we don’t usually get too many camping bookings.

But we kind of think this says more about you than it does about us.

Sure enough, around here it can get damp, it can get cold, and it can get windy. But we’ve yet to come across a flood, a glacier, or a tornado in our woods… and we do walk them every day.

Plus seeing as we provide you with easy access to toilets and shower facilities, and the option to avail of our delightful BBQ Hut, you do have to wonder whether most modern day folk are up for a challenge at all!

But It is Connecting With Mother Nature

There is no doubt that some of us are drawn to nature, and camping has a particular pull for those who gain a sense of wellbeing from roughing it, even if just a little.

But each year, we are finding that more and more people who just want to enjoy some “switched off” time i.e. a day or two away from all the electronics and devices and home comforts that follow them around in every day life.

So if you’re thinking of an active day at the Jungle, for something approaching the perfect zen state we would heartily recommend you consider an accompanying night under the stars – and, if you’re feeling really adventurous, also find a way to lock your phone in the car.

Afterwards, we’re not saying that you won’t be booking a 5-star hotel for your next trip… but we’re pretty sure you might think twice before doing so.

Booking a Pitch

Simply give us a call in advance on +44 (0)28 86748881 and we will set up an appropriate pitch for you and your group.