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Laser Tag

Laser beams at the ready


Laser Beams at the ready!

We are now offering a whole different kind of battle game here at the Jungle. With our brand new Laser Tag activity, players will be equipped with state of the arc Laser MP5 guns. Teams will be drawn, players assigned a team colour and the battle will commence. Hits are recorded on a digital battle headband worn by each player. Pain free. Clean-ish. While there won’t be paintballs exploding on you, the battlegrounds will be located in our established Paintball Zones, meaning you will get to experience some of the notorious Jungle battlefields, minus the Paintballs.

Can your squad resist the oncoming attacks in our Signal Tower, hold the fort in our Graveyard battleground and slug it out in the Trenches. Why not get the kids to put down the game console controllers, pick up a Laser Gun and become immersed in a thrilling real life battle situation. Virtual reality games are the new trend, but they’re no match to the excitement and adrenaline rush of a real life battle simulation!


Prepare yourselves accordingly.

You may get mucky as you crawl through the forest or action slide behind a gravestone, you may even get a little damp as you strategically take cover in a trench, so we advise bringing a towel and spare pair of clothes and to wear old clothes and footwear during the sessions. We’re bringing the Laser Tag of old, from the neon bathed arenas, out into the spectrum of the great outdoors to recreate scenes from classic war movies or Call of Duty war games.


Who can play?

Laser Tag at The Jungle is suitable for ages 6-80 years old.

Adults can play either in their own sessions, or in a grudge match against their kids. Settle your family disputes on the battle field.

There is a minimum of 6 people per session.

What's involved?

Sessions will last approximately 3 hours. (includes safety brief and getting kitted out)

Once split into teams, each group will be given camouflage overalls and colour coded Laser Guns. This will include a full safety brief. Then it’s off to the battlegrounds to let the games begin!

We can cater for up to 45 people in any 3 hour session.

Please note smaller groups may be mixed together during their 3 hour session.

MP5 Laser Sub Machine Gun


MP5 Laser Sub Machine Gun features

Teams will all be equipped with a general purpose laser MP5 sub machine gun. It’s the ideal assault weapon for special operations capable of fully automatic fire.


Laser Tag Prices

£22.50pp 3hr session

From 6 years old.

45 people max for each time slot.

All activities must be booked in advance before arrival. Please book as far in advance as possible, at the latest before 4pm for the following day.

3hr session £22.50pp


Do you have to book activities?
Yes, all activities must be booked in advance before arrival. Please book as far in advance as possible, at the latest before 4pm for the following day.
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