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The Jungle’s fundraising efforts for 2019

Published on: 9 January 2020
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Fundraising efforts for 2019

As always, in 2019 The Jungle set out to fulfil our corporate and social responsibilities by supporting many local and national charities and fundraising events. We feel it is important to support those organisations and individuals who spend their own time and energy trying to raise much needed funds for their chosen charities and causes. We are happy to be able to support these people by offering prizes, vouchers and donations which they can use as prizes or incentives.

In 2019, we once again handed out over 100 Gift Vouchers, to the value of £6,100 to various fundraising and charity events to be used as raffle prizes or fundraising incentives. These went towards fundraising efforts for a range of worthy causes, such as MacMillan Cancer Care, Carers NI, NI Hospice & NI Children’s Hospice, Marie Curie, Mental Health UK, Leukaemia NI, Action Mental Health, TinyLife, NI Cancer Fund, Children’s Heartbeat Trust NI, Charis Cancer Care, Action Cancer, Humanity NI, Make A Wish, Autism NI, Start 360 and many more.

We commend those people who go above and beyond in order to raise funds for their chosen charities and dedicate their own time to something worthwhile. We have supported individuals last year who are going to Cambodia to build homes for the underprivileged, others doing sponsored skydives, one person doing an abseil down the Europa hotel, a group who ran the London Landmarks Half Marathon, a student going to Johannesburg to help deprived children in a special needs school and many others who spent their own time and efforts to help those less fortunate than themselves. We also supported many Parent Teacher Groups, Primary Schools, Hospital Units, Scout Groups and even provided some gifts for a selfless band of nurses who had to work Christmas Eve.

These incredible feats of courage and determination to support people and communities in need are an inspiration and we are more than happy to get behind them and give them an extra boost in their fundraising efforts.

Charity Partners for Rampage 2019

We hosted our annual Rampage Weekender event in April 2019. This year our chosen charity partners were the Community Rescue Service. This consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who provide a vast range of support services in the community, such as Water & Land Search & Rescue, Suicide Prevention, Safety Patrols, Lowland Rescue, Crisis Intervention and other vital services. They aren’t given the credit they deserve for the crucial support they provide in our communities, so we felt it important to recognise and contribute to their efforts.

Community Rescue Service cheque handover

We were able to donate £5 from each participant’s entry fee, enabling a grand total of £5,000 to be donated to this fantastic charity.

Going forward, we have also teamed up with them to provide them with a base for their Mid Ulster team, right here at The Jungle.

Community Rescue website

Community Rescue Facebook page

Henry Brothers fundraising efforts

We also provided Henry Brothers Construction with 150 free Rampage spaces, so they could put their £55 entrance fee for each runner towards their fundraising campaign for the Abaana charity, which brings hope to children in Africa by building schools, sponsoring children, rescuing kids from the streets and more. At 150 runners, this equated to £8,250.

Henry Borthers Rampage board and group

Every Little Helps

We also gave the Tesco Cookstown team 35 free spaces, with the same condition that their entrance fees would go directly to their chosen charities, which were Children’s Cancer Unit, Eagles Special Olympics Club and Woodlands Wellness Hub mental health charity. Therefore, a further £1,925 was donated to these charities.

Total contributions for 2019

Through our contributions of numerous Gift Vouchers and by donating to our charity partners at Rampage, along with waiving the entrance fee to support the Henry Brothers and Tesco charities, we managed to contribute a total of £21,275 during 2019.

We also had various groups who participated in our events such as Rampage Weekender and Zombie Run, who used these events to raise funds for their own designated charities, so to those who did so, we salute you!

Going forward

We will continue to fulfil our corporate and social responsibilities by supporting as many charities and worthy causes as we possibly can throughout 2020. We are privileged to be able to use our platform to directly raise funds and help other people’s fundraising efforts for such a wide range of causes.

This year, we will host our annual Rampage Weekender on 30th and 31st May 2020 and our Zombie Run in October as usual, so we encourage anyone to come along and experience these epic events, while using the opportunity to raise funds for causes close to your heart.

Rampage –

Zombie Run –

A final thank you...

We’d like to thank every single person who comes along and supports The Jungle by taking part in our activities or events. Without you, we would not be in the position to be able to offer a platform to help the charities that we do. We also wouldn’t be able to help others in their own fundraising efforts. We don’t underestimate the knock on effect your support has to a wide range of charities and support groups who are in constant need of funds to continue to offer the vital services that they do.


Thank you,

The Jungle Team