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The Ultimate Wild West Party

The Ultimate Wild West Party Survival Guide

Published on: 18 July 2016

Get Fancy

The Wild West Party is quirky. It’s alternative. It’s cool. In fact, some might say, it’s the coolest, alternative entertainment since the noble Rubik’s cube. But that someone might be a big time nerd…

Either which way, we believe that the awesomeness of the Wild West Party should be honoured and we encourage you to embrace the fancy dress theme.

Re-live your childhood and choose your tribe – were you a Cowboy, or an Indian? Dress accordingly and prepare yourself for shots at dawn … delicious shots of alcohol.


Break the mould!

Fashionably late is sooooo last season. Say goodbye to the trends of yesteryear and hello to your future, trend-setting self by arriving early!

Yes. Be early and treat yourself to the best space at the bar. Be early and indulge your need for personal space. Be early and gain the coveted record of being the first to hit the dance floor. Hard.

Life is short. We reckon that such horrifying realities deserve a rebellious fist shake in their direction. Arriving early is that fist shake. Join us as we shake our fists at reality and shake our tail-feathers to some of the best Country Music know to ears.


Don’t eat the peanuts!

Wild West Saloons are known for their peanut strewn floors, for, when mixed with the sawdust, it did a tiptop job of keeping the dirt at bay (apparently cowboys can be somewhat precious about their lovely boots!).

The peanut is a fantastic snack, packed with protein and all the energy so readily associated with … fat. That being said however, we DO NOT recommend that you munch on the peanuts to be found on the dance floor at our Wild West Party. Don’t do it. It’s not even close to cool and a million miles from pretty. Don’t do it!


Stretch your way to Rodeo Bull victory!

As in any good Country Western Saloon, The Jungle’s Rodeo Bull will be going at full speed, daring you and yours to undertake the challenge to hang on tight!
It is not a competition for the feint-hearted for the stakes are as high as the prizes are fantastic. If you want to be in with a chance of winning you best warm up and stretch like the stretchy thing you know yourself to be. Remember: bend and stretch!


Bask in the bliss of an ear full of Country!

To survive the Wild West Party you will need a ravenous appetite for Country Music.

Top local DJ Brian Moore will be serving up a delicious platter of the best Country Music all night long, from Gareth Brooks and Dolly Parlton to Nathan Carter, Mike Denver, Lisa McHugh and Derek Ryan.

We’ve even planned a surprise appearance by a very lovely, local Country Music Singer so clean out those ears – they’re in for a real treat!


Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on down it’s…JIVING time!

It there is one thing that Country Music is good for it is The Jive. We don’t want to burst your bubble but, you can only survive the Wild West Party by getting on the dance floor, and destroying it! Take inspiration from this little guy – he’s got all the moves!


And remember: it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

And by fat lady, we mean muscle bound bouncer who has finished his shift and just wants to head home for wifey snuggles. Don’t anger the bouncers. Underneath that hard, muscular exterior is an ooey, gooey centre in need of a little empathy. Be kind, leave when they ask and they won’t unveil their Hulk-ish tendencies.