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Spring Dog Show Results

Spring Dog Show 2019 results

Published on: 1 May 2019

The Jungle's Spring Dog Show 2019

Our Spring Dog Show 2019 showcased a wide variety of breeds, shapes, sizes and temperaments. It was a fantastic event, expertly hosted by Cheryl Donaldson of Country Coats Dog Grooming in Magherafelt. Cheryl has a wealth of experience judging dog shows and having her own dog grooming business, she was the natural choice to judge our Dog Show. We’d like to firstly say a quick thank you to Cheryl for hosting the event and making everything run smooth. So let’s get down to business….

The Run Down

We had a total of 10 categories, as well as the ‘Best In Show’ final category. Prizes were given out to each winner and the ‘Best In Show’ received the coveted Jungle Best In Show trophy.


Best Gun Dog

First up was the Best Gun Dog category. We had a total of 4 entrants for the first category.


1st – Bella (English Springer Spaniel)

2nd – Vince (Hungarian Vizsla)

3rd – Casey (Cocker Spaniel)

Best Toy Dog

The second category was for Best Toy Dog. A popular category this time with 14 cute little specimens strutting their stuff in the judging arena.


1st – Bella (Chihuahua)

2nd – Buttons (Pomeranian)

3rd – Coco (Shih Tzu)

Best Puppy (Under 12 months)

Probably the cutest round of the day, our 3rd category seen the Best Puppies (Under 12 months) take centre stage. A busy judging arena, filled with 21 contestants, made it no easy task to choose the best 3. After much deliberation, along with quite a few ‘oohs’ and ahhs’ from the adoring crowds, they were finally whittled down to the following 3 winners:


1st – Sisco (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

2nd – Vince (Hungarian Vizsla)

3rd – Tizer (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Best Dog

Next up, was the Best Dog category. A total of 10 fine specimens lined up for this one.


1st – Buddy (Bulldog)

2nd – Dollar (Standard Poodle)

3rd – Finn (Kerry Blue Terrier)

Best Bitch

Next was the Bitches turn. A total of 15 entrants took the stage. Here’s the results:


1st – Arya (Cocker Spaniel)

2nd – Bella (English Springer Spaniel)

3rd – Penny (Mini Schnauzer)

Best Rescue Dog

Only 2 dogs battled it out for the title of Best Rescue Dog. Definitely the shortest round of the day.


1st – Coco (Shih Tzu)

2nd – Rusty (Terrier Mix)

Best 6 Legs (Owner & Dog)

66 legs roamed the judging arena in our Best 6 Legs category, with 11 dogs and handlers. Owners paraded their pooches around the arena in the hope to be the most in sync Owner and Dog. Here’s the results:


1st – Bella (Chihuahua) and Leah (Aged 4)

2nd – Poppy (Miniature Schnauzer) and Trudy (Aged 40)

3rd – Sisco (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and David (Aged 25)

Waggiest Tail

This round presented a rather simple and fun task of finding the Waggiest Tail out of the 12 enthusiastic entrants. Owners were asked to try and get the dogs tail wagging and we simply had to find who’s was wagging the most…


1st – Tinkerbell (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

2nd – Bailey (Shih Tzu)

3rd – Rusty (Terrier Mix)

Best Young Handler (Under 16)

Next round was the handlers who were up for judging. 7 Under 16 Dog Handlers took the stage with their furry companions. They were judged on their rapport with the dog, their ability to communicate with them and how well the dog responded to them. All the years of training and bonding with their dogs was now called upon.


1st – Rachael Jeffers (Aged 12) with Dollar (Standard Poodle)

2nd – Jamie Taylor (Aged 15) with Poppy (Miniature Schnauzer)

3rd – Eva McKenna (Aged 11) with Luna (Cockapoo)

Best Young Handler (Under 12)

The penultimate round saw an even younger batch of aspiring Dog Handlers take the stage, again with the task of showing how well they could communicate with their dog and how well the dogs responded to them. Our Best Young Handler Under 12 category had 6 young handlers, some of whom had already picked up some prizes in other categories.


1st – Codie Hannigan (Aged 7) with Enzo (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

2nd – Anne McCooke (Aged 7) with Dolly (Bulldog)

Joint 3rd – Orla McKenna (aged 4) with Luna (Cockapoo)

Joint 3rd – Leah (Aged 4) with Bella (Chihuahua)

Best In Show

The final round of the day was the Best In Show. All the winners from previous rounds were gathered for the final round. With such an array of awesome and impressive specimens, this was no easy feat to decide the winner. The final call was made and the winner of the coveted Spring Dog Show Best In Show trophy went to….

Best In Show – Sisco (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Handler – David, aged 25

Congratulations to David and Sisco for winning the 2019 Jungle Spring Dog Show, Best In Show.

Best In Show winner with Cheryl   Sisco

Until next time...

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along and brought their dogs to showcase what they can do. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was amazing to see such an array of beautiful dogs and their enthusiastic owners.

We will host our next Summer Dog Show on Sunday 15th September, to run alongside our final Family Fun Day of the year. With over 20 activities available to anyone over aged 4, it is a great family day out. It runs from 11am to 4pm, so if you wanted to come at 11am you could partake in a few activities before the dog show kicks off. Hot food and drinks available on site.

Dog Show: https://www.thejungleni.com/event/dog-show/