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Are you ready to Run Rampage?

Published on: 22 April 2017

Rampage is almost here

Thank you to everyone who’s been brave enough to sign up or sign their little ones up for our first ever Rampage Run. This is sure to be a fantastic event. We’re incredibly excited to put you all through our specially designed obstacle course and we hope you all gain a real sense of achievement after completing it. You already have our respect for taking it on. As the event is quickly approaching we’d like to share with you some important information on the race days, how to find us, what’s involved, race procedures, rules and other information we think you might need.


We are located at 60 Desertmartin Road. This is half way between Desertmartin and Moneymore on the main Desertmartin Road, A29. You will see our carpark on one side of the road and The Jungle on the opposite side of this road. If you’ve taken a turn off the main A29, you’ve gone off track. PLEASE DO NOT USE SAT NAVS TO FIND US. The maps are incorrect and will lead you off course. We have provided a link below to show exactly where we are located:

On Arrival

On arrival please park in the designated car park. There will be reserved car parking spaces for Campers. If the car park is full you can park along the hard shoulder outside The Jungle. We will have 2 car park attendants on site directing cars on arrival. Once parked please follow the signs and walk through the Subway Tunnel into The Jungle farmyard. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD. There may be substantial traffic and you must use the Subway tunnel to arrive in The Jungle safely.

We suggest that participants arrive around 45 minutes before your race time to register. Registration will be in the Jungle Farmyard and will be clearly signposted. You will be given a colour coded wristband at Registration. There are 2 different wristbands, one for participants who are dong the Rampage Run only and another for those who chose the Rampage Run and Camping option.


  • We have a secure and manned bag drop area if you’d like us to keep any bags or important items. It will be a small charge of £1 per bag.
  • We will have separate male and female changing rooms in the Farmyard.
  • We have toilets both in the Farmyard and behind the Big Barn. There are additional toilets on site if required.
  • Drinks and food purchased from the Burger Bar or Licensed Bar will be CASH ONLY
  • We do not have a cash (ATM) machine on site, so we advise to come prepared with cash.
  • Hot showers are only available to those who are camping (wristbands must be shown)


You will get wet, you will get muddy and you will be pushed to your limits.

Prepare yourselves accordingly.


Campers can set up only after their race has finished. We have a huge area for camping and there will be more than enough space to put all the tents. On arrival Campers will be given a specific colour coded wristband. This enables them to have access to hot showers, a Camping plot, access to the Bright & Tight Disco in the evening and a hot breakfast on Sunday morning. There will a Log Cabin for beautifying purposes for any males or females who need to use mirrors and electrical sockets. We will also have electrical sockets in the Big Barn for anyone wanting to charge their mobile phones or other devices. Campers will have until 4pm on Sunday 30th to check out.


  • No camp fires are permitted; however, we will allow small disposal barbeques.
  • Please respect the site, we are based on a rural site and take great pride in our beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Use any bins provided in the Camping area. Please do not leave litter or cigarette butts around the Camping area.
  • Please have respect for fellow campers and limit noise late on in the evening past midnight.
  • You have until 4pm to check out on Sunday 30th.
  • Camping wristbands must be worn at all times and will be marked off against the various Camping privileges.
  • After dark, please stay within the confines of the designated Camping area. You are not permitted to walk around The Jungle grounds.

Sneak peaks of a few obstacles


  • Obstacles are not mandatory and may be bypassed. Please note – you MUST accept the risks involved in yourself or your kids attempting the obstacles.
  • There will be a large number of race marshals on hand throughout the course. Should you or someone else get into any difficulties at any point, make it known to any of our race marshals. We will also have St. John’s Ambulance crews on site for medical assistance.
  • It will not be a timed race, however there will be synchronised time clocks at the beginning and end of the run should you wish to know your time.
  • Queuing for the starting line will be on the main lane, clearly signposted.
  • All participants will be given a short warm up session before the run begins by our in-house personal trainer.


  • FOR ADULTS – There are 2 routes available, both of which will be clearly sign posted and colour coded. The 5K will be coloured green and the 10K will be coloured pink. It is up to you which one you choose on the day. (See following link for images of the map: or see bottom of page)


  • FOR KIDS – There are 2 Kids Runs on Sunday 30th. The 11-17 years 5K run will commence at 11am and the 6-10 years 2K run will commence at 12 noon.
  • We encourage parents/guardians to follow alongside their kids to help them along the course and provide support.


  • At the midpoint of the course, there will be a water and banana stop available to everyone for re-hydration and an energy boost.
  • You MUST follow the exact instructions of the race marshals for your own safety.
  • On busier obstacles there will be queues. Please be patient.
  • The ethos of the whole run is to promote camaraderie and teamwork, so we expect everyone to help and support each other throughout the course.
  • The run will finish at the pond opposite our main office. Once completed, make your way to the Farmyard to collect your medal.



  • Lunch will be available from the Burger Bar to anyone wearing a wristband. There will be a choice between a Bacon Bap or a Sausage Bap, with fried onions and choice of sauces.
  • The Bar and Coffee Shop will be open from 11am onwards for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Please remember CASH ONLY.
  • Live music will kick off in The Big Barn from 4pm onwards. The Set List is as follows:
    • 4pm – 6pm – Tiny Lions – live band
    • 6pm – 8pm – McKee Family – lively traditional music session
    • 8pm – 10pm – Neil McKeown – acoustic set
    • 10pm – late – Bright & Tight Disco with Brian Moore
  • The Burger Bar will open in the evening for Burgers, Hotdogs and Chips.
  • Anyone who is not Camping is welcome to stay on and join us for the entertainment, however entrance to the Bright & Tight Disco will be £5.


Rampage neon map