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Published on: 6 May 2022

Preparation is key...

So you’ve bit the bullet and signed up for this year’s Rampage Weekender event. With the thought of a grueling 5K or 10K obstacle mud run looming, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. If this is your first mud run type event and you’re thinking ‘what do I wear?’ or ‘what should I bring?’ or even, ‘what have a let myself in for?’, then this handy guide will help ease the stress of how to prepare and let you get on with your training. Even if it’s not your first and you’re a seasoned pro, you might pick up a few tips below you hadn’t thought of before.


Trail running or running shoes

Obviously Trail Running Shoes are the ultimate choice, as they are designed for this type of event, where you’ll face different landscapes, as well as water and heaps of fresh mud. They’re built with stability and comfort in mind when dealing with hills, rivers, ravines and other tricky terrains. They will let your feet breathe and stay cool and will usually be quicker to dry and let out water more efficiently than normal shoes or trainers. They will also have superior traction and grip than most other trainers and will cushion the uneven ground better than other footwear.

However, if you don’t have a pair and don’t want to neglect your beloved and trusty running trainers, then dust off the old favourites and bust them out on the course. Running shoes will also keep your feet well ventilated, allow water to drain out quickly and can usually handle most terrains.

We’re not gonna lie… your trainers will take a battering. We wouldn’t recommend bringing any footwear that you are attached too. They will get covered in mud and will not finish the course in the same condition they started. In saying this, most trainers will be able to be washed and a good pair will persist through a number of these events.

Finally, we recommend tying the laces firmly. They will have to resist the pulling force of thick mud in some areas and will need to be tightly secured, although not too tight that they’re uncomfortable….obviously.

Sports Clothing

The right clothing will make the whole experience that little bit easier. We recommend substance over style on this occasion. While we don’t necessarily favour any particular clothing choices, we would mention the following:

  • Tighter fitted clothing – loose clothing will weigh you down and hold more mud and water and will generally be a bit more annoying when cold and wet.
  • Fast drying active wear – now is the time to break out your Clima Cools and Dri Fits. Tops and bottoms with quick drying technology will be beneficial in that it will provide greater ventilation and also will dry quicker, so you won’t be weighed down.
  • Clothing which let’s you move – your complete range of motion will be tested on the course, so we recommend wearing active wear clothing which will let you be as flexible as you need to be.
  • Socks – the optimal choice would be socks designed with some sort of quick-drying technology. If you don’t have these, then most sports socks will do the trick. Your feet will be pretty important during the course, so we recommend taking good care of them and showing them some love!
  • Gloves – not a necessity, however could give you that extra bit of support or grip on some of the tougher obstacles. Again, hard wearing and breathable gloves like cycling or weight lifting gloves may be the best option.


  • Sports watches and timers – if you want to accurately record your time we recommend a durable sports watch or device like a FitBit or other exercise monitoring device. Make sure they’re waterproof and can take a bit of wear and tear.
  • Headbands – good for keeping the sweat, mud and tears out of your eyes. For return runners, we hope to see the Rampage headbands from last year proudly on show!
  • Goggles – again not necessary although could help in the water obstacles and Slip N Slide.
  • Armbands – not at all necessary, but it’d give us a laugh!

Notable mentions

Maybe your made of stronger stuff and don’t want to look like Mo Farah stepping onto the starting line. For those mavericks who defy normal social conventions, we encourage you to get as creative as you like in choosing your race day attire. If tackling the course dressed as a Giant Hotdog, the Milky Bar Kid or Freddie Mercury is your thing, more power to you!

Superheros at Rampage


You must arrive at least 45 mins before your designated race time. Check your confirmation email for your race time. Once arrived, please park in the car park across the road from The Jungle. Then walk towards to front end of the car park and cross the little bridge and follow through the subway tunnel, which brings you into the farm yard where you will register and drop off your bags at the bag drop off, if you wish.



Once the Rampage Course has been conquered, the post-race endorphins and adrenaline buzz will only keep you warm for so long. We recommend bringing the following:

  • Warm jacket or coat – an old and warm jacket, fleece or coat that you don’t mind getting dirty and you can pull on straight after the race is useful to help bring your body temperature back up. Rampage is held in April in the unpredictable Northern Ireland climate… be prepared.
  • Towel – hot ‘outdoor showers’ will be available for everyone at this year’s Rampage. The ‘indoor shower’ blocks will only be available to those who are Glamping or Camping. They will be locked and open at 4pm. Bring a towel to dry yourself off after your comforting shower. Please bear in mind that there may be short queues for the showers, hence why we suggest bringing a jacket also to keep you warm while you wait.
  • Change of clothes – self-explanatory really. No one wants to go home or sleep in a tent in a set of muddy and wet clothes. If staying on for the after party, we will have electrical points and mirrors available for anyone who wants to make themselves look pretty!
  • Toiletries – shower gels and shampoos will help get the dirt and mud out of every nook and cranny and deodorants will have you back being so fresh and so clean in no time.
  • Post workout supplements – you will be served some well-deserved tasty hot food after the run, however if you have your own preferred supplements or food to replenish energy stores, body salts or boost protein for quicker muscle recovery, remember to bring them with you.
  • Extra cash – we will have T-shirts available to buy on the day. You will also need a couple of £1 coins for the bag drop area (£2 per bag), should you wish for us to look after your belongings while you’re on the course. There will also be a fully stocked bar at the after party, so you’ll need some extra cash for that, as well as the BBQ Hut.
Rampage   group wearing rampage tees


For those who are staying on and partying the night away with some live music and themed ‘Bright & Tight’ After Party, we have a few suggestions:

  • Tent – from the big to the small, it doesn’t really matter what tent you bring, but something easy to assemble would be the obvious choice. All tents can be erected after the runs are finished.
  • Airbeds/sleeping mats – the camp site is located on a lush and soft grassy area, however after the race your muscles may be sore and to get through the night contentedly an extra comfort would be an airbed or sleeping mat. You’ll thank us for that one!
  • Sleeping bag – an obvious one, however essential to keep you warm as the temperature drops in the evening.
  • Camping chairs – if you’re finished the race early and want to gather in the camp site with your friends and fellow Rampagers to reminisce over the course and get to the bottom of exactly who was the best, a few chairs might help during the debate!
  • Other camping accessories – whatever other accessories it takes to make your camping experience the best possible.

As part of the Camping ticket option, you will also receive a hot breakfast bap. These will be served between 9am and 10:30am from the Lazy Llama Restaurant. They will not be available after 10:30am, so please be collect your breakfast between these times.

Rampage 2022 AfterParty image


The theme for this year’s Rampage After Party is ‘Bright & Tight’. We will leave the finer details up to you as to what exactly this entails. We expect to see some luminous lycra, maybe some flashdance inspired spandex outfits on show. We can’t wait to see some of the creative ideas you lot dream up.

It is not required that you wear fancy dress, but we reckon it gives the party a fun and entertaining vibe!