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Charity at Rampage 2018

We donate £5 per person from each person's ticket

Rampage Weekender 2018 Charity Donation

Published on: 9 February 2018

Rampage Weekender 2018 Charity Donation

From last year’s Rampage we were able to donate £4500 to a local charity in Cookstown, The Hub, by donating £4 from each participant’s entry fee. The Hub is a fantastic community resource providing support and access to a range of groups such as the National Autistic Society, Alzheimer’s Carers Support Group, Aware Defeat Depression and a range of other fringe groups who are in need of support. They provide access to all areas of drama, arts and crafts. The Hub is a wonderful organisation, ran by truly wonderful and caring people. The money raised was a great boost for them to help support people in the local areas and we are privileged to have been able to assist them in their work.

This year we have chosen to help Sands NI, an organisation that supports bereaved parents who have lost their babies, before, during or shortly after birth. Sadly, it is a cause which is often overlooked and currently a situation that is close to our hearts. They provide an important and vital service to grieving parents at an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Sands UK website

Sands NI Facebook page

This year we have increased the donation, by donating £5 from each person’s entry fee to Sands NI. The aim is that we can raise more than £5000 for them to provide a welcome boost to their services. Thank you to everyone who has, or who intends booking with us for this year’s Rampage Weekender. You are providing crucial support to this fantastic charity.

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Support your own charities of choice

We still encourage runners to raise money for their own specific charities by taking part in Rampage and try to help out causes close to their hearts. Our participants last year raised money for a number of different charities such as Brave Hearts NI, Macmillan Cancer Support and a range of others.