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Family Days and Kids Birthdays


In the interests of honesty

Amongst the things we can’t promise for your kid’s birthday are that:

  • All the parents will turn up on time.
  • Most of the kids won’t gorge on sugar-filled treats.
  • Some of the kids won’t cry when they don’t get attention.
  • Your child won’t get a present they already have (and make their displeasure known after unwrapping it).

But hey, as parents, you know that already. The Jungle might be a magical place, but it’s a different sort of magic we offer!

But we know you’ll not get a better venue than the Jungle

What we can promise is that:

  • Your child, their siblings and friends will have unbelievable fun on our wide range of kid-friendly adventure activities.
  • Your food preferences can be catered for in any possible way through catering, picnic areas, and barbecue areas.
  • We will clean up the mess.
  • All the kids will want to go on the Adult’s Tree Top Course (but we won’t let them).
  • Everyone will go home happy – and tired – after a most memorable day out.

Please note that due to the nature of our adventure activities, we only accept parties for Children from 5+ years.

Kids Activity Birthday offerings at the Jungle include:

You can also visit our sister company, Splash Outdoor WaterPark for a session on the huge inflatable AquaPark. (Suitable for ages 8+)

All you need to do is pick a date and get booked in for a Birthday party unlike any other!

How to Book

Book online or Pick the date, then give us call us on 028 8674 8881

Download Invitation to help with organising

Kids Birthday Party Invitations