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Rampage Training Camp

Rampage Training Camp

In the build up to our Rampage Weekender 2018 we here at The Jungle and our team of experienced exercise specialists from Mercury Fitness NI are offering a 4-week training camp for those who want to conquer RAMPAGE. This specialised course is designed to improve stamina, practice distance running, develop safe and optimal techniques for tackling obstacles and boosting overall strength. We invite those from all levels whether they are looking to kick start 2018 by getting fitter, or for those who want to take their fitness to the next level!

There are currently no training camps like this in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland, so this is a fantastic opportunity to try a unique and exciting training regime like no other. The experience gained and information learned in this 4-week programme will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Type of Training

You will be embarking on four very different training sessions, each one lasting 2.5 hours. There will be 1 per week, every Sunday, for 4 weeks in the run up to Rampage on 28th April 2018. These sessions will be outdoors and will differ from anything you would do in a gym or fitness classes. They will involve a variety of exercises to keep it fun and in the process bolster your enthusiasm to reach your fitness goals and overcome the RAMPAGE obstacle course.

Week 1 will entail venturing through parts of our Rampage course with band of trusty compatriots to familiarise yourselves with some of the course layout. This session will also involve some circuit training and distance training.

Week 2 will focus on the types of obstacles involved and you will be taught the safe and proper techniques to effectively complete the Rampage obstacles. This session will also develop base fitness levels and will include incline training for navigating hills.

Week 3 will be endurance based. You will follow a large section of the Rampage route while doing some circuits and compound exercises to test your ability to run for a set distance while performing exercises along the way. This will ultimately be what Rampage is all about.

Week 4 will be the final session and will focus on shorter and more intense clusters of sprints, boxercise and circuits to start. These will boost your overall strength and stamina. You will then tackle some obstacles to test your ability to retain the proper form and techniques to complete the obstacles when fatigued. This will give you the best preparation for the Rampage Run and will be beneficial on the day of the run as you will have already tested your ability to complete the obstacles during a long distance run.

These sessions have been specifically structured to improve your overall fitness and health with a diverse range of exercises to get you away from the tedious gym routine. The range of different exercises will develop the proper form, stamina and range of motion required to be effective at this year’s Rampage. All this as well as getting to familiarise yourself with the course and test some of the obstacles before the event, will give you an advantage and boost your confidence in being able to conquer Rampage.

You will also receive a training plan to take home, as well as a meal plan designed by health and nutrition specialists. During the sessions and in the run up to Rampage to get the most out of your training, you will want to eat meals to optimise muscle growth and boost energy levels. The meal plan will provide a good resource to inform you of the best choices to make to get the best results. Oh and did we mention the food is delicious!!


CALL 02886748881 to BOOK your session(s)

The 4-week programme costs £45 per person. (Includes training and meal plans)

One single session costs £15 per person

(Must be booked in advance)

Who & When

This training camp is available to all abilities. We will have two different ability groups available to choose from:

Starter Level: This level is for those who are going to part take in the 5k RAMPAGE run or just beginning their fitness journey. People at this level will be given professional guidance to ensure the first step in their journey is done progressively and not thrown into the deep end.

Standard Level: People who follow the standard level will be more than comfortable completing the RAMPAGE 5k but setting themselves the challenge of the 10K RAMPAGE. With this programme participants at this level will be challenged to push themselves to the next level.

WEEK 1 – 1st April – 10:00 – 12:30

WEEK 2 – 8th April – 10:00 – 12:30

WEEK 3 – 15th April – 10:00 – 12:30

WEEK 4 – 22nd  April – 10:00 – 12:30

You will then have one week until Rampage begins on 28th April.

Give yourself the advantage!

We encourage anyone who would like to improve their fitness, develop better techniques for obstacles, enjoy exciting outdoor exercise with a great bunch of people or for those who simply cannot wait for Rampage to join us! You will be given professional guidance and boundless motivation from an experienced team of personal trainers. You will be pushed to your limits and you will come out stronger, fitter and faster at the other side.

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