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Rampage Training Camp

Rampage Training Camp

In the build up to our Rampage run we here at the jungle and our team of trained exercise specialists are offering a 6-week training intervention for those who want to conquer the RAMPAGE. We invite those from all levels whether they are looking to kick start 2017 by getting fitter, or for those who want to take their fitness to the next level!

Type of Training

You will be embarking on three very different training sessions a week for 6 weeks. These sessions strongly differ from anything you would do in a gym or fitness classes. They will give you the variety and excitement to reach your fitness goals and overcome the RAMPAGE.

Session 1 will entail venturing through our forest equipped only with a head torch and band of trusty compatriots navigating up and down the hills of the forest to reach the final destination.

Session 2 will be located in our big barn where you will part take in circuits varying from the use of body weight exercises, hauling logs across the barn and encountering monster tires.

Session 3 we will engage upon some of the challenging RAMPAGE obstacles. As we track through the forest once more only this time encountering different obstacles and exercises which will challenge you but will ultimately prepare you for the RAMPAGE.

These sessions have been specifically structured to improve your overall fitness and health with a diverse range of exercises to get you away from the tedious gym routine. Whilst also gradually progressing the exercises to ensure maximum adaptation. All which to prepare you for the RAMPAGE.


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The first week of the programme cost £15 for 3 sessions. This gives you a chance to understand exactly which each session entails before setting up for the following 5 weeks.

The remaining 5 weeks cost £60, (15 sessions) including a complimentary nutrition guideline book for you to implement.

Who & When

We have two different ability groups:

Starter Level: This level is for those who are going to part take in the 5k RAMPAGE run or just beginning their fitness journey. People at this level will be given professional guidence to ensure their first step in their journey is done progressively and not thrown into the deep end.

Standard Level: People who follow the standard level will be more than comfortable completing the RAMPAGE 5k but setting themselves the challenge of the 10K RAMPAGE. With this programme participants at this level will be challenged to push themselves to the next level.

Taster week Beginning 27th February. All Sessions will be consistent through the programme:

  • Monday 7-8pm (Starter & Standard level)
  • Wednesday 7-8pm (Starter & Standard level)
  • Saturday 9-10:30 (Standard), 10:30-12:00 (Starter)
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