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Fright Night

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Are you ready for the return of Fright Night?

The Jungle’s award winning Fright Night returns in 2018

***This year we’re back with a vengeance. You have been warned!***

Awarded the “Best Unique Outdoor Experience” by Outdoor NI in 2015 & “Outstanding Visitor Experience” from Tourism NI in 2016, this event is not to be missed. This year is going to be bigger, scarier and full of delightfully devilish twists!

This year’s Fright Night will see the return of the horrid and harrowing “Woodland Trail”. Filled with freaky sets, a haunting story to send shivers up your spine, coupled with special effects, atmospheric lighting throughout and a creepy cast of nefarious creatures.

Where to find us

Fright Night takes place at The Jungle. We are based at 60 Desertmartin Road, Moneymore, BT45 7RB. Please park in the large gravel car park across the road. Then walk over the small bridge and through the underground tunnel…if you dare!! Do NOT cross the road.


On top of the infamous “Woodland Trail”, 5 of last year’s scare attractions will also be returning with a few extra dimensions. In addition, we will be re-opening The Evil Harvest. Brought back through popular demand, this dark, haunting and disorientating corn field maze will push your nerve to the limits. What creatures lurk in the depths of the Evil Harvest:

  • Inbred Horror House
  • Claustraforest
  • Hellish Hay Cart
  • The Circus
  • The Slaughterhouse
  • Evil Harvest

The Burger Bar and Cafe will be open as usual offering hot food, refreshments and a safe haven to catch your breath and settle your nerves. This year you will also be able to purchase some very cool official Fright Night merchandise.

PRICES - start from:

Fright Night pricing image for website update

£10 – 1 Scare Attraction

£17 – 2 Scare Attractions

£24 – 3 Scare Attractions

£28 – 4 Scare Attractions

£32 – 5 Scare Attractions

£22 – Woodland Trail

£30 – Woodland Trail with 1 Scare Attraction Pass

£45 – Woodland Trail with 3 Scare Attraction Pass

£50 – (Premier) Woodland Trail with 5 Scare Attraction Pass

£60 – (VIP) Woodland Trail with 6 Scare Attraction Pass & Fast Track Pass


Additional Attraction Tokens are £8 each when purchased on the night.

Additional ticket options available at the time of booking.


Fright Night Dates

How it works

The Woodland Trail tickets should be purchased online through our website. There will be a limited number of Woodland Trail tickets available each night.

You will pick a time slot at the time of booking; this will be your actual start time for the Trail, please allow time to park and make your way to The Woodland Trail entrance (20/30 minutes). The Woodland Trail will operate on a time slot basis; it is your responsibility to make sure you are on time.

The Scare Attractions tokens should also be purchased online through our website.  You will be purchasing tokens – one token per scare attraction. There are 6 Scare Attractions to choose from.

You will also pick an arrival time, either 7pm, 8pm or 9pm. However, once you arrive there are no further times to adhere to, simply decide on which attractions you wish to visit and make your way around the park. The reason for picking time slots is to ease congestion in our car park and around the park.

Additional Scare Attraction tokens can also be purchased individually on the night.

For anyone out there that doesn’t like queuing there will be a limited number of Fast Track wristbands available for jumping queues at the 6 scare attractions. These cost £10 per person when booked online in advance or on the night for £15 if any still remain.

Owing to the intense nature of the event, Fright Night at The Jungle is strictly for over 12’s only. All under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible Adult over 18. Fright Night at The Jungle is an immersive, spine-tingling Halloween adventure and definitely not for the feint-hearted!  

The Attractions

Woodland Trail of Terror

The Woodland Trail returns to spearhead this year’s Fright Night scare fest. This interactive story puts you in a real life horror simulation as each peculiar character reveals more of the twisted story to you as you journey through the eerie forest trail. You will hear faint screams of despair from the lost souls of those who became trapped in the forest many years ago. Expect more frights, more scares, more unbridled terror and more screams. To set the scene it will be enhanced with low level atmospheric lighting, special effects and a creepy cast of unusual characters.

Grab on tight to your friends, stay alert and lose yourself in the real life horror movie that is The Woodland Trail of Terror. This year’s is going to be an experience to remember!

This is to be booked separately from the scare attractions.

Fear Factor: 4/5

Please wear suitable supportive outdoor footwear.

(Woodland Trail lasts approximately 1 hour)

The Slaughterhouse

Experience the sensory deprived, nightmarish and chilling sensation of The Slaughterhouse. Having been abandoned and laying dormant for years, it’s unknown what possessed spirits haunt the dark and damned halls where a crazed butcher once ran riot. Rumour has it, he never left the Slaughterhouse.

With the severe disadvantage of losing your sense of sight after being hooded, you will carefully navigate your way round the cursed killing floors and haunted hallways of the abandoned Slaughterhouse, using only your touch and a chain to guide you. With all your other senses heightened, you will need to be extra vigilant and try to stay cool to withstand the onslaught of shocking sensory surprises which will unnerve and unsettle even the bravest!

Fear Factor: 5/5

Inbred Horror house

Remember the Inbred Horror House? Responsible for multiple panic attacks last year! Come visit again, more confined and louder. We are sure the Inbreds will be happy to see you, especially the girls!

One of the most popular and freaky attractions, the Inbred Horror House is back with more screams and scares will even freak out the toughest of horror fanatics! This attraction will ultimately raise your heart beat and pump your body with adrenaline.

The Horrific Inbred Creatures trapped within their family forgotten farm house will surely be pleased to see you after being starved of fresh meat since last year’s culling.

Fear Factor 5/5


Another of last year’s most popular attractions, The Claustraforest returns this year. Can you find your way through the daunting forest trail and make it through the tight confined spaces and smothering Claustraphobia Tunnels, while keeping guard for any nasty surprises. This one is a journey into the unknown. Stay close, stay on the path and perhaps you’ll survive.

Fear Factor: 5/5

Suitable outdoor walking footwear recommended for this attraction.

Hellish Hay Cart

Travelling through a brand new route the Hellish Hay Cart experience takes you on a “hellish” tour past some gruesome scenes and journeys through the graveyard and eerie cornfield. You may be joined by some strange and fiendish characters on your journey. More entertaining than frightening, sit tight and enjoy the ride!

Fear Factor: 3/5

The Circus

As one might expect this circus has turned to the dark side and there is nothing more terrifying than a killer clown! Need we say more…!?

With a new mind boggling layout to navigate, along with a fresh batch of terrifying clowns, hell bent on wreaking havoc, the circus will continue to cause nightmares.

Fear Factor 5/5

Evil Harvest

Our Evil Harvest cornfield maze is back this year with a twist. No longer will you be attempting to navigate the maze in the dark but you’ll be taken on a trek of frightening experiences. Have you ever wondered what dark demon like creatures live in the shadows and depths of a corn field. You are about to experience exactly what nightmares are filled with. Keep screaming it helps scare the creatures away!!

Fear Factor: 4/5


Bus & 3 Scare Attraction Pass £35pp

Only available on Friday 12th, Friday 19th and Thursday 25th October

Belfast Route Pickup:  6:30pm Tuesday Bell, Lisburn. 6:50pm Queens Student Union, Queens Street. 7:00pm Visit Belfast – City Centre.

Derry/Londonderry Route Pickup: 6:30pm Quayside Car Park, Derry. 6:45pm Altnagelvin Hospital.

Return bus 10:15pm from Jungle Car Park

Bus and Tickets can only be booked by calling 02886748881

Strict NO Alcohol Policy, you will be denied entry if you arrive under the influence of alcohol.


Glamping Pods

We are offering our Glamping Pods for £150 per pod for Fright Night event. The pods sleep up to 8 people per pod. Please call 02886748881 if you’d like to add to your Fright Night ticket.

Ticket Protection Surcharge

You have the option to add on a Ticket Protection Surcharge to your Fright Night booking. This is a £4 surcharge, paid at the time of booking, which entitles you to additional benefits and covers you in case you are unable to attend your specific event at The Jungle.

This ticket protection surcharge will only cover your ticket if notified up to 2 hours before your confirmed scheduled event begins. It does not cover notification after the event has taken place.

For more information, go to:


Fright Night Map.

2018 Fright Night Map


Rebecca Bailie, Oct 28 2017

Absolutely fantastic experience at Fright Night, terrified all the way through, would definitely recommend it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do all the scare attractions but will definitely be back next year to tackle more. Also, all staff were very helpful and so pleasant makes all the difference. You’re all doing a fantastic job!


Patrick Kelly, Oct 31, 2017

Unreal!!! The action starts as soon as you arrive, with creepy characters roaming the car park! I then got my booking wrong (which was completely MY fault) and within five minutes they two lovely ladies had sorted our group booking out…thanks again!
We then done the Woodland trail and it was AMAZING!! This attraction alone will make me come back every year, I don’t wanna give anything away but the sets, the cast, sound effects, storyline, everything was 1st class and unlike anything I have seen before!
Don’t wanna be too long winded but we done a few attractions after this, and every time it was like being on a Hollywood set and the staff where all brilliant and really helpful.
I will be back at xmas and already looking into activities for my 30th next year!



Craig Darbyshire, Nov 1, 2017

The fright night was amazing, scared the heck out of us! Can’t believe how much effort they’d put into the sets and stories/actors.


Cathy O’Neill, Nov 1, 2017

Fright night was absolutely amazing from start to finish, from the special effects and experience right down to the professional service and organisation. So proud to have this on our doorstep!


Megan Porter, Oct 15, 2017

Fright night turned out to be the best date night! Nothing quite like watching your man scream while a clown chases him around small dark spaces. Would recommend it to anyone!


Customer Notice.

PLEASE double check your dates and times when booking. There will be no changes or alterations of bookings once a booking has been made.

Fright Night Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions will be made.

Minimum age:12 years; under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

The majority of Fright Night attractions take place outside where participants are required to navigate confined and dark spaces; appropriate outdoor clothing and suitable outdoor footwear should be worn.

Fright Night is not recommended for anyone suffering the following:

  • Heart or blood pressure conditions
  • Sensitivity to strobe lights / Photo sensitive epilepsy
  • Limited mobility/mobility issues
  • Claustrophobia/nervous disposition / intense fear of the dark

It is not recommended that anyone who is pregnant participates in Fright Night.

Any participants under the influence of alcohol/drugs will not be allowed to participate in this event.

Phones, torches and cameras are not permitted during your Fright Night experience. Any participants caught using such devices will be expelled from the site without refund.

Groups must stick together and follow the designated paths, or trails, those which do not will be expelled from the site without refund.

Fright Night is a Halloween Scare Attraction event. you must accept responsibility and any risk involved in participating in this event. It is not for the feint-hearted and can at times be an intense and scary experience.


Is there parking onsite?

The Jungle’s car park is located directly opposite The Jungle site in a gravelled field. It is clearly signposted and a marshal will be available to provide assistance. Upon parking, follow the marked path to the registration point.

What is Fright Night?

Fright Night is the umbrella term for The Jungle's Halloween horror experience.

Is it Safe?

Yes, Fright Night is entirely safe. The site had been fully Risk Assessed and is regularly inspected and health and safety requirements are firmly in place. Jungle staff are First Aid trained and trained in the delivery of this event. The creatures you will meet are actors and will not touch or intentionally harm you.

What do I do when I arrive?

Follow the marked path, and register at the Car Park ticket Office

How old to I need to be to participate in Fright Night?

Minimum age: 12 years. All under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, you must remember to bring your email confirmation and registration number. (If you booked with Gift Voucher you must bring your Gift Vouchers with you).

When do bookings close?

Bookings close at 5pm the day before each Fright Night date.

Is there food available onsite?

Yes, The Jungle’s BBQ bar and Coffee Shop will be fully operational.

Will I have a specific tour guide?

No, you will not be assigned a specific tour guide. You will receive a site map upon entry. The map and signage will provide guidance. Staff will be available to answer any questions you might have.

Are there any restrictions to participation?

Minimum age: 12 years; under 16's must be accompanied by an adult. The majority of Fright Night attractions take place outside where participants are required to navigate confined and dark spaces; appropriate outdoor clothing and flat footwear should be worn. Fright Night is not suitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy as strobe-lighting is used throughout. Fright Night is not recommended for anyone suffering the following: - Heart or blood pressure conditions - Sensitivity to strobe lights / Photo sensitive epilepsy - Limited mobility/mobility issues - Claustrophobia/ nervous disposition / intense fear of the dark It is not recommended that anyone who is pregnant participates in Fright Night. Any participants under the influence of alcohol/drugs will not be allowed to participate in this event. Phones, torches and cameras are not permitted during your Fright Night experience. Any participants caught using such devices will be expelled from the site without refund.

Are refunds available?

No, bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions will be made.

How long do the various Fright Night attractions last?

Approximate duration times are as follows: - Claustraforest: 10-15 minutes - Hellish Hay Cart: 10-15 minutes* - Inbred Horror House: 5-10 minutes* - The Evil Harvest - 10 -15 minutes* - The Circus: 5-10 minutes* - The Woodland Trail: 45-60 minutes*

What time is Fright Night available?

Fright Night starts from 7 pm. Bookings only.

What should I wear?

Appropriate warm, outdoor clothing should be worn and flat footwear. In parts of the forest it is quite muddy so wellingtons or boots are advised. Wellingtons are highly recommended for the Evil Harvest experience.

What time should I arrive?

Scare Attractions: - If you have booked for 7pm please arrive between 7 and 8 pm - If you have booked for 8pm please arrive between 8 and 9 pm - If you have booked for 9pm please arrive between 9 and 10 pm Woodland Trail - Please arrive 20 minutes before your booked time slot this will give you enough time to get from the car park to the start of the trail.

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