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Spring Dow Show 2018

Run down of the action in this year's Spring Dog Show

Spring Dog Show 2018

Published on: 6 April 2018

Spring Dog Show rundown

This year we hosted our Spring Dog Show on Easter Tuesday, 3rd April. We had a fantastic turnout and got to see all different shapes, sizes and temperaments. Even the bad weather didn’t stop us, as we moved from our normal outdoor area to our indoor arena. Nothing worse than a load of soggy pups 🙁 We’d like to thank everyone who turned up and put their dogs to the test. We have detailed the winners of each category below:

IMG 7676

Best Gun Dog

To kick things off we had the Best Gun Dog category, with a total of 10 entrants. The winner received a cool Nerf gun which fires out tennis balls.

1st place – Star (Labradoodle)

2nd place – Rhea (Cocker Spaniel)

3rd place – Bella (English Spring Spaniel)

Best Gun Dog

Best Gun Dog   Star

Best Working Dog

Next round saw the Best Working Dogs line up. We had 6 entrants for this round, with the winner receiving a Nerf Launcher for firing out tennis balls, using a foot pedal.

1st place – Keiko (German Shepherd) 

2nd place – Anna (Great Dane)

3rd place – Kai (Giant Schnauzer)

Best Working Dog

IMG 7496

Best Toy Dog

The following round was the Best Toy Dog category. A popular round with 16 entrants, with the winner receiving a bag of dog meal to chow down on!

1st place – Tilly (Miniature Poodle)

2nd place – Tilly (Shar Pei)

3rd place – Lily (French Bulldog)

Best Toy Dog


Best Dog

Up next we had the Best Dog round. Some fine specimens took the stage for this round. We had a 11 entrants, with the winner taking home a Goodie Bag of Dog Products and Toys.

1st place – Diesel (French Bulldog)

2nd place – Bobby (Cocker Spaniel)

3rd place – Logan (St. Bernard)

Best Dog

IMG 7625

Best Bitch

Best Bitch was the next category to take centre stage. The winner claimed a Goodie Bag of Dog Products and Toys. Out of a grand total of 25 dogs who entered, our winners were:

1st place – Tilly (Miniature Poodle)

2nd place – Star (Labradoodle)

3rd place – Coco (Shihtzu)

Best Bitch

IMG 7829

Best Puppy (Under 12 months)

Next up was the Best Puppy (Under 12 months) category. With an overload of cuteness on show in this round, we could only have one winner unfortunately. The winner out of 17 cute little pups claimed a Bag of Puppy Dog Meal.

1st place – Bailey (Shihtzu)

2nd place – Lily (French Bulldog)

3rd place – Bobby (French Bulldog)

Best Puppy (Under 12 months)

IMG 7714

Best Rescue Dog

The Best Rescue Dog category was up next with 3 fine specimens taking centre stage. The winner claimed a Goodie Bag of Dog Products and Toys.

1st place – Oscar (Labrador Cross)

2nd place – Leigh (St. Bernard)

3rd place – Ruby (Cavalier)

Unfortunately we missed Oscar so we have no image of the handsome devil!

Waggiest Tail Award

Next up we had a total of 13 happy dogs, all wagging their tails to try to win the crown of the Waggiest Tail Award. First place won a Goodie Bag of Dog Products and Toys.

1st place – Belle (Cocker Spaniel)

2nd place – Indi (Cocker Spaniel)

3rd place – Poppy (Cocker Spaniel)

Waggiest Tail Award

Best 6 Legs (Owner and Dog)

The handlers were put to the test in this round, where they had to mimic the walk of their dogs as they went around the performance arena together, in a quest to win the Best 6 Legs round. We had 23 entrants, so a total of 138 legs all competing! This was a fun round to watch, with some of the dogs putting their owners to the test. The winner claimed a Goodie Bag of Dog Products and Toys.

1st place – Aria (Cocker Spaniel) and Ronan

2nd place – Coco (Shihtzu) and Naomi

3rd place – Bella (Cockapoo) and Phoebe

Best 6 Legs (Owner and Dog)

Best 6 legs winner   Aria

Young Handler (under 16 class)

The under 16 handlers were up next, trying to control and manoeuvre their dogs through the performance arena and compete for the Young Handler (under 16 class) award. The winner out of the 10 entrants received a Goodie Bag of Dog Products and Toys.

1st place – Emily (14) and Tilly (Miniature Poodle)

2nd place – Kaitlyn (13) and Idas (Great Dane)

3rd place – Naomi (16) and Coco (Shihtzu)

Young Handler (under 16 class) - Winner

IMG 7837

Young Handler (under 12 class)

The next round was the Young Handler (under 12 class) who stepped up to compete for the winning prize of a Goodie Bag of Dog Products and Toys. We had a total of 16 entrants for this round.

1st place – Teegan (6) and Kodey (Miniature Schnauzer)

2nd place – Rachel (11) and Sandy (Labrador)

3rd place – Elliott (2) and Anna (Great Dane)

Young Handler (under 12 class) - Winner

Under 12 handlers   Kodey

Best In Show

The final round was the Best In Show, awarded to the best all round dog. We had 8 entrants and the prize claimed by the winner was the Jungle Spring Dog Show trophy!

1st place – Tilly (Miniature Poodle)

2nd place – Star (Labradoodle)

3rd place – Keiko (German Shepherd)

Best In Show

Best in Show   Tilly

Best In Show - 2nd & 3rd place

Spring Dog Show Gallery

Check out some of the images below of this year’s Spring Dog Show.

Summer Dog Show

We are hosting our next Summer Dog Show on Sunday 2nd September. To book go to:

Remember we also host a Family Fun Day on the same days as the dog show. With over 20 actvitiies available for kids aged 4+ and adults, you can make a day of it and do some activities and come see the dog show or have your own dog take place in order to win some neat prizes. For more info on our Family Fun Days see the following link: