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Brushcutter and Trimmer Courses

To help you use your equipment safely and confidently.

Brushcutter and Trimmer Courses

Course Details

  • Title: Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting
  • Product Code: CLMC08X
  • Type: Training Course
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Location: On site
  • Max Participants: 4
  • Price: Please email

If you have 6 people wanting to take a Course we can organise dates to best suit on request.

At least 2 weeks prior booking is required. 6 people is the ideal number of candidates for chainsaw courses however if you are an individual wishing for a specific date we can arrange with individual prices.

Our Brushcutters/Trimmers integrated training and assessment course has experienced instructors who will make sure that you use the trimmer safely and with confidence, and that you understand the relevant regulations and safety requirements.

Once you have successfully carried out this course you will receive a certificate of training for Brushcutters/Trimmers.


Who is it for?

Our two day novice training course is for anyone employed in the agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and grounds maintenance industry that currently operates, or will be required to operate a brushcutter/trimmer.This course is physical so you must be fit and able to carry out the tasks required in the course programme.

If you are inexperienced then you may require longer than the stated guide times to fully understand the information and training provided.


What will you get from it?

  • State and comply with safety and legal requirements of a brushcutter/trimmer, with an emphasis on safe practices, warning signs and guards.
  • State and identify the correct protective clothing to wear and the standards required.
  • Perform routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s handbook.
  • Identify faults and defects on a brushcutter/trimmer and decide which the operator can easily remedy, and which should be referred to a specialist engineer.
  • Identify which cutting head to select for the relevant operating conditions.
  • Carry out fuel mixing correctly and be able to start the brushcutter/trimmer from both a hot and a cold condition in a safe manner.
  • Operate the brushcutter/trimmer in a safe manner having regard for the safety of themselves, the public, property and environmental factors.
  • Plan systematic working operations.
  • Use the manufacturer’s instruction book and parts list.


Course sessions:

  • Safety and risk assessment
  • HSE legislation
  • Protective clothing
  • Components and maintenance
  • Practical maintenance
  • Fuelling and starting
  • Testing the safety features
  • Checking balance of the brushcutter/trimmer
  • Safe operation

Express your interest!

Please leave the course name along with your Name, Address, Contact Number and Email Address if you wish to be contacted for future training dates.